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Peace Criminals Website 1:

Neocon Surveillance

Peace Criminals Website 2:

Satirical Industrial Complex


UPDATE (23 Feb 2017):

There are now only two sites, not three; as Neocon Surveillance Network has now been incorporated into Neocon Surveillance. Links above corrected.




Welcome to the Peace Criminals Project Hub Site!

The Peace Criminals Project is run by Wallace Runnymede and Appleseed Ike. But we are always looking for new writers to contribute!

In the UK, USA, and many other countries that are subservient to the neoconservative/liberal interventionist consensus, every citizen is a bare object. A nondescript lump of raw material for voyeuristic inspection and ‘surveillance’ by the ‘Authorities.’ But the old Platonic question may be asked, may it not?…

Who will survey the surveyors?

The anarchists of Big Data, like the bloody-robed tyrant of Shelley’s poem, and of whom Slavoj Zizek speaks so evocatively are God, and King, and Law! They obey no Constitution; the ancient liberties of England, the traditional British rule of law, the wisdom of the Founding Fathers, and that little ‘scrap of paper’ known as the 4th Amendment.

In a land where every citizen is a potential criminal, every principled liberal is a potential terrorist,  every living Muslim is a potential jihadist, every Jewish peacenik is a potential sellout, every consistent conservative is a possible traitor, every ethical democratic socialist is a potential enemy of democracy…

In such a time and in such a space, is it surprising that opponents of liberal interventionism and its defenders are held up as criminals against the peace?

Is it any wonder that the antagonists of neoconservatism and its apologists are the true malefactors, and not the civilized barbarians?

Do not accept it.

Do not ever surrender.

Grassroots opposition, peaceful protest, serious study, irreverent critique: these are the four pillars of the Peace Criminals.

Will you join our theoretical and artistic backlash against the Stormtroopers of the Greater Good?

It is a backlash which entirely repudiates physical violence by all sides, and which fully encourages and supports rhetorical and artistic assaults against the established consensus.

We will not be the slaves of Washington, of Paris, of London, or of the global armaments industry.

We believe in secular liberal parliamentary democracy and reasonable centrist politics. We believe that argumentation and satire are both the weapons of the morally strong, and violence is the first and last resort of the morally impoverished, the weak, and the cowardly.

It is not us who are the ‘dewy-eyed idealists who cannot face reality.’

On the contrary. It is the Warmongering Establishment who are pursuing grand schemes  and tilting at phantom bugbears.

Do not accept it.

Support Peace!

Support Protest!

Support Criticism!

Support Satire!

Support Freedom of Speech, Liberty of Expression, Equality of all Peoples!

Be a Peace Criminal.


Peace Criminals Website 1:

Neocon Surveillance

Peace Criminals Website 2

Satirical Industrial Complex


UPDATE (23 Feb 2017): Changed links. Neocon Surveillance Network has already been folded into Neocon Surveillance. So there are just two sites now.